The Cameo league presents


May 20, 2017 • 6:00-8:00PM
Home of Ken and Suzanne Culver




The Cameo League was formed in 1985 to support The Lancaster Festival, Inc. in its endeavors to bring cultural events to the citizens of Lancaster and Fairfield County. Individuals can be part of the Cameo League either as active dues paying members serving on committees or as inactive members supporting the League through dues alone. Annual dues are $30.

All members, whatever the extent of their involvement, are welcome to join us in creating an exciting cultural environment for Lancaster and Fairfield County.

Interested in joining the Cameo League? Contact the Festival office for more information.

Contact: Anne Darling Cyphert, (614) 306-7552


Cameo League Officers:

President, Lynn Barboza
V-President, Cindy Lape
Secretary, Julie Ogilvie
Treasurer, Denise Adams, JC & Company