Tickets are valid only for the event and seat for which they were issued.  Tickets are subject to revocation with denial of admission or removal from the facility without compensation at management discretion should the holder act in a disorderly manner or violate management’s rules or regulations.  Holder agrees not to transmit or aid in transmitting any description or picture of any event.  Breach of the foregoing terminates the license.  Holder grants permission to the Festival  to utilize the holder’s image or likeness in connection with any broadcast or other reproduction of this event.


The resale or attempted resale of tickets at a price higher than that appearing thereon is grounds for seizure and cancellation of said ticket without compensation.  Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be lost, stolen or counterfeit and if so, are void.  Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers incidental to the event for which tickets are issued, whether occurring before, during or after the event, including, without limitation, injury,  injury from objects, acts of others, etc, and holder  agrees  that the Festival is not responsible or liable for any injuries, expenses, claims or liabilities resulting from such causes.


Tickets are not transferrable.  It is against the law to reproduce or attempt reproduction of any ticket.  Price includes all applicable taxes.  The Festival will not be held liable for amenities promised by promoters, VIP or otherwise.  Event date, time, location and talent are subject to change.