Jazz & Blues with The Hadden Sayers Band
Knights of Columbus Lodge

8:00pm • Tickets Available Now


From Texas to Southern Ohio Hadden Sayers has a life-long journey to tell in song and lyrics. Among other awards, Sayers was nominated for the Song of the Year award at the 33rd Blues Music Award. Hadden is on the road in his Airstream trailer and 1961 Chevy Impala and the road stops in Lancaster when they bring their heartfelt blend of blues and soul.

For most musicians, "the road" is a place of either hedonism or heartache. Contrasts on the far ends of a far too common cliché. But for Soul-Blues Guitar Slinger Hadden Sayers, the road is a comfortable buzz of underground fans and passionate shows.

It wasn't always this way.

Because for a while, Sayers wasn't on the road.

He built a successful career in Houston, Texas before relocating to the Midwest so his wife could pursue a career in cancer research. But then, shifty record companies faded away. Band members died tragically. The gigs stopped coming through and the phone stopped ringing. The '57 Strat stayed in its case.

However, Sayers rediscovered his love of music on regular drives to Southern Ohio where he was rehabbing a battered cabin. The murmur of radials on concrete, the sounds of Van Morrison and Sam Cooke on the stereo, and the support and tutelage of a grizzled stonemason sent him back to the recording studio.

In 2011, Sayers released the acclaimed Hard Dollar, featuring the single "Back to the Blues," which was nominated for the Song of the Year Award at the 33rd Annual Blues Music Awards. The album launched him back onto stages around the country. More than 100 gigs followed, from New York City to Mammoth Lakes, CA.